Rosh Yeshiva Visits Kollel

The Lakewood Rosh Hayeshiva, Rav Dovid Schustal Shlita gave Divrei Chizzuk to the three Lakewood Kollelim in the greater Miami area on Thursday afternoon. He spoke in Miami Beach Community Kollel’s temporary Bais Medrash. He specifically gave chizzuk to the Roshei Kollel and Yungerleit of the Miami Beach community Kollel. The Kollel has been displaced due to the recent fires to its building. The Kollel is continuing learning, davening and teaching torah in the shul next door Congregation Beth Israel. The Rosh Hayeshiva gave the Kollelim inspiration to be michazek to overcome the challenges and to fight the fire of the Sutton with the fire of Rischa Doyraysa (Torah study). He also complimented the Yungerleit on their tremendous dedication to learning without compromising in spite of their inconveniences.

The Miami Beach Community Kollel was joined by the new South Miami Kollel of Kendall as well as the Rosh Kollel of the new North Miami Beach Community Kollel. The Kollel of South Miami under the leadership of Harav Baruch Gendelman just opened in the city of Kendall and Pinecrest ( about 45 minutes south of Miami Beach) this past Elul. It was started by Balle Battim who learn daily in the Miami Beach Community Kollel and have a vision of creating a Makom Torah to be Marbiz Torah and mekarev Yiddin in their own, mostly secular neighborhoods.

Harav Zvi Eliyahu Meir Schmelczer the Rosh Kollel of soon to open North Miami Beach Community Kollel also attended. The North Miami Beach Community Kollel will Bez”H open in the next few weeks with ten new families moving to the growing community of North Miami Beach (about 30 minutes north of Miami Beach). North Miami Beach has experienced a tremendous growth of Yiddishkeit in the last few years and many local Balli Battim have been working tirelessly on bringing a full time Kollel to their neighborhood. The work is B”H bearing fruit.

The Rosh Hayeshiva was in Miami for the day to attend a chasuna. After speaking at the Kollel he spoke in the Mechina High School which is headed by Harav Yochanonn Zweig. The New Rosh Mechina, Horav Nissan Friedman is a talmid of Bais Medrash Gavoha and just moved to Miami Beach this past Summer.